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Rey Fernando de Castilla Antique Pedro Ximenez

Vintage = NV
Producer = Jan Pietersen
Grape = Pedro Ximenez
Colour = White
Size = 50cl
Reputedly the sweetest wine there is.
Pedro Ximenez is a naturally very sweet grape.  Add on a month of air drying in the Southern Spanish sun and the grapes are shrivelled and dried out.  The juice squeezed out of these grapes is low in quantity and high in sugar; and once extracted, fortified and placed in barrels to age extensievly, especially in the case of this particular wine.

Big on aroma, big on flavour and sweetness but the liquid just slides effortlessly down into the throat on a surfboard of acidity.  When it comes to taste and smell, perm any three, four or more from the following - molasses, coffee, liquorice, sweet tobacco, prunes, figs, raisins.

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